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A VHS Tape Church Plant

They had some fear of what people would do when it was discovered that they were followers of Jesus, Pastor Victoriano acknowledged. Many outsiders visiting this area of southwestern Mexico had been injured or imprisoned because of their faith…

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The Best Gift in Huave

So many people are hungry for the truth about God in the Bible. But what if they don’t read their own language? How can they learn and meditate on God’s Word?

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That’s Why We Go

“The first time you see a person’s face light up when they hear the Scriptures in their own language, THAT’S why we keep going back to Oaxaca.”

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Pray for Recordings

Your faithful prayers are absolutely essential because the enemy of the soul does not want to lose ground, and once God’s Word is unleashed in a new language, it is a powerful weapon!

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Low Wattage, High Impact

“We’re broadcasting the Bible in our Mixteco [language], thanks to the audio Bible you brought!” the national partner told Jim and Jamie Loker, ASM’s Latin America Directors..

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All Of God’s Word Matters

“Can you imagine—not having the Psalms?!”

Availability of the full Bible in audio is something God has been putting on the hearts of Jim and Jamie Loker, ASM’s Latin America Directors…

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