Mission Statement

Audio Scripture Ministries provides the Bible in audio so everyone will have the opportunity to hear God’s Word in their own heart language.

Vision Statement

Our commitment to the Great Commission directs us to serve others as we:

  • Partner with churches, ministries, and individuals to create and distribute audio Scripture and Bible engagement resources to communicate the Good News of Jesus.
  • Facilitate production of audio recordings of the Bible in each language needed by people groups around the world.
  • Distribute, either directly or through other ministries, suitably formatted Scripture recordings among both non-Christians and Christians, whether living in their homelands or elsewhere.
  • Encourage and assist in the development of projects for audio Scripture recording and distribution through local leaders and other ministries.

Our Process

How will we reach the millions of oral learners who are waiting to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Audio Bibles are one powerful tool we can use to provide God’s Word in a way that engages almost anyone, from members of non-literate cultures halfway across the world to immigrants and the visually-impaired right here in the United States.



ASM helps build and equip networks of nationals, audio technicians, churches, missionaries, and others to reach oral learners around the world.



ASM recruits native speakers and records them reading Scripture in the languages of people groups still waiting to hear God’s Word.



ASM distributes players in India, Mexico, and Mozambique, and in many other places through local partners or missionaries.




In 1967, Dr. Ron Beery founded ASM (then called Portable Recording Ministries) with the mission to take God’s Word in audio to those who had not yet heard it. Over the past 51 years, ASM has sought to adapt and use new technology and to continue to connect people to God’s Word.

View the timeline of ASM’s notable moments in history here!

Learn more about ASM’s history
Ron at ASM Africa



Scripture Players and Accessories

By distributing Scripture players, you can help bring the Word of God to people in oral or non-reading cultures, worldwide. ASM utilizes various durable, solar-charged digital players as well as optional field accessories. Players are designed to be self-sustaining and intuitive to use, and are built with rugged durability for the most extreme climates. Please contact our resource department for cost and customization options that fit your needs, including the possibility of fixed-tune radio in addition to resources on internal memory.
616-396-5291 ext. 104, resources@audioscripture.org

Check out the different players and accessories, and be sure to listen to Scripture in ten different languages from around the world on our Players page.

View our Players




Audio Scripture Ministries has recording studios and local teams in Mexico and Mozambique, and works alongside national leaders in many other countries. ASM’s US office is in Holland, Michigan.

Meet the Team in Mozambique

Meet the Team in Mexico

Meet the Team in the US

Meet the Board of Directors



US Team Members

Naomi Frizzell
Executive Director
For the past 20+ years Naomi has served in both domestic and international ministry organizations – through...
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Wanda Maloy
Operations Manager
Every day working as ASM’s operations manager is different, and that is probably why Wanda loves the job. She considers it...
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Joshua Harrison
Communications and Development Manager
“Can you please read it to me again? I’ve never heard that story before, and I just want...
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Sarah Aron
Social Media and Design Coordinator
Sarah started working with ASM early on in the year 2015. Sarah and her husband Patrick...
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Lloyd Wolters
ASM Representative
Lloyd is a retired pastor. In the 1970s, he was introduced to Dr. Ronald Beery, the founder of ASM, by his father, Edward...
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Don Lang
ASM Representative
Don Lang has walked with the Lord most of his life. He graduated as an Electrical Engineer from Oregon...
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Mexico Team Members

Jim and Jamie Loker
Latin America Directors

Jim and his wife Jamie have served in full-time missions since 1986; first in Guatemala, then Oaxaca, Mexico, and... 
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Diego G
Coordinator of Technology

At age 20, Diego’s studies in computer technology landed him a job at a federally-run...
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José G
Recording Technician and Distribution Coordinator
José (called “Lupe”) and Jemima G are two key ASM team members in Mexico. Their... 
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Isaias M
Recording Technician
Edi M
Recording Technician



Mozambique Team Members

Chad Vanden Bosch
Africa Director

Nearly one billion people worldwide can’t study the Word of God because they can’t read, and...
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Sergio Muianga
Director of Xai-Xai Studio
Sergio Muianga has been pastoring since 2002. In 2003, he saw how positively people responded...
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Compassionate Care Team — Mozambique

Dara Vanden Bosch
Compassionate Care Coordinator

As a nurse with a background in hospice and palliative care, Dara has seen a huge need...
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Rabeca F
Compassionate Care Worker

New Harvest Farm — Mozambique

Salvador R
New Harvest Farm Manager



Board of Directors

Jamison Worst
President and Board Chair
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Ann Hemmeke
Vice President and Vice Chair
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Tom Vanden Berg
Administrative Pastor
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Brian Petroelje
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Ryan Wood
Senior Product Manager
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Luanne Hoekzema
John Smith
Kendrew Mueller
Accountant/Enrolled Agent
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Ben Ruiter
Business Development Specialist
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Leo Gordillo


We have access to a combined list of audio Scripture and Bible engagement resources in over 6,000 languages, including both the Scripture recordings we have completed, and those of partner ministries. Contact our Resource Department to find out if we have content in the language you are seeking and we will be able to help you out.
We would be happy to work with you to help record Scripture in any language that currently does not have audio Scripture available.
We can outfit your team with audio Bibles, or StoryTellers that you can carry with you. These audio Bibles and stories from Scripture can be left behind with your brothers and sisters to serve continuously after you leave the soil of your mission field. These units are durable, cross over the language barrier, and carry on their work inconspicuously. Contact our Resource Department to see how we can help.
Most of our recordings happen overseas, but we have on occasion done recordings in our studio in Michigan. Please contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions.
Absolutely! While we have strong ties to national leaders in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, we are always looking for new partners to help bring God’s Word in audio to where it is needed. Contact us!
We do! From stuffing envelopes for mailings, to tasks around the office or grounds, to answering phones, we are always seeking people who want to join us on this important mission. Please call our office or email to find out what you can do to help!
We currently use several devices including the Envoy player and the Wildlife StoryTeller. You can view these players here. These units are manufactured by MegaVoice. Another excellent device we use that includes a fixed-tune radio is the ImpaX Player, produced by Galcom International.
Depending on language and availability, we can load the full Bible, the New Testament, the Jesus Film (audio), God’s Story (a dramatic and musical overview of Scripture in 90 minutes), the Mini Bible College (a Bible teaching series that is appropriate for lay pastors, etc.), materials from Global Recordings (offering access in over 6,000 languages!), and much more.
Taken from the International Orality Network:

Oral communicator: A person who learns or processes information by spoken rather than literate means. Some oral communicators are so out of necessity because they cannot read or read with understanding. Other oral communicators can read with understanding and write, but they prefer non-print forms of communication.

Oral learner: A person whose mental framework is primarily influenced by spoken rather than literate forms of communication and who therefore learns primarily or exclusively by speech, song, etc.