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Integral Mission

Integral Mission is a term we’re using to express a commitment to reaching all aspects of a person’s life with the Good News of Jesus. Sometimes termed “holistic mission,” U.K. theologian Dr. Chris Wright says “[Integral Mission] emphasizes that in our mission activities we must address the whole of human need—physical, material, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual—not just the last of these.” Indeed, our Lord is the perfect example of addressing all these human needs during His time on earth. 

ASM’s core ministry activity is recording and distributing the Bible and Bible Engagement Resources in audio. Yet, in many areas where we record and distribute, real human needs are overwhelming—extreme poverty, empty bellies and no hope for relief, and life-threatening medical conditions. 

As you read of New Harvest Farm, or learn how the Compassionate Care program provides hospice and palliative care, or of tangible disaster relief following cyclones in Mozambique or earthquakes in Mexico, know that every effort is earnestly prayed about and evaluated based on sharing God’s Word with more people, and helping it take root in communities. New Harvest Farm, an outreach to Mozambique subsistence farmers, opens hearts in the community to hear about the Creator God who loves them. Compassionate Care demonstrates Jesus’ care for every aspect of their life. Disaster relief gives evidence of God’s heart for the hurting and displaced. 

God is opening incredible ministry doors for ASM, and we remain committed to the preeminence of His Word. Prayerfully and carefully, we’re stewarding the resources He’s entrusted to our care, so more people may hear God’s Word and see its impact on all aspects of human need.

In Action: Compassionate Care and Audio Bibles

In Mozambique the ASM Compassionate Care ministry focuses on Palliative Care (and providing dignity at the end of life).

How audio Bibles have made an impact:

  • Patients with end-of-life agitation have become peaceful and calm in hearing the Scriptures (or songs) in their native language.
  • Dementia patients have settled and found peace; been reoriented, even if only briefly, by the familiarity of God’s Word.
  • Patients with severe pain have experienced pain relief with the distraction of Audio Scriptures.
  • Stroke and paralyzed patients who have physical limitations are able to have the joy of listening and learning God’s Word while immobile. Audio Scriptures help pass the time with encouraging Words for those with physical limitations. Many have been blessed with this technology giving them the opportunity to hear God’s Word.
  • 80% of the world’s population are considered oral communicators, either by necessity or preference. This means they can’t, don’t, or won’t read. An Audio Bible may be their only opportunity to hear the joy and hope of the Gospel.
  • In the last moments of life patients have asked for their Audio Bible and taken their last breath clinging to their Audio Bible.
  • One patient made a special effort to make sure that a special family member would inherit her Audio Bible when she died. It was her only prized possession she had to pass on.

In Action: New Harvest Farm

New Harvest Farm is a community-based agricultural project with the vision to improve food security in central Mozambique through Bible-based agricultural training.

God’s Word  is at the center of everything that we do at New Harvest Farm. Every agricultural training is weaved with God’s truths and we pray that as fields are restored to production, so will hearts be restored to the Creator.

“This could transform our whole community!” said a local leader enthusiastically at the first-ever agricultural training held by New Harvest Farm (NHF). This community leader was one of many leaders who gave Chad Vanden Bosch their support for establishing NHF— and transformation is underway! Chad says the fifteen-acre NHF seeks “Restoration that brings a New Harvest,” as they help restore the soil, restore relationships with our Creator God, and restore hope through biblically-based farming techniques. NHF’s “Farming with God” hands-on training program uses three pillars of agriculture: Technology, Management, and Faith. Chad and his team have recorded the agricultural lessons so that each graduate receives an audio player with a Bible, the lessons, Scriptural songs, and other teachings. Pray indeed for a New Harvest of souls!”

Audio Bible Grants

Know a medical or mercy ministry that would like to try using audio Bibles? 


Support Integral Mission efforts that help share God’s Word in audio.

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