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Learn why Scripture in audio is a critical tool
for fulfilling the Great Commission.



Imagine never having heard...


2+ Billion people worldwide live in 4,848 “frontier” groups with “virtually no known believers.” Most have no access to God’s Word in their heart language


There are approximately 17,428 unique people groups total with 7,250+ of them considered “least reached”
— Joshua Project

Unreached people groups lack enough followers of Christ and resources to evangelize their own people.

Despite the great need, currently only a very small portion of prayer and resources go to serve Unreached People Groups (UPGs).


“Faith comes by hearing…”

The majority of people groups around the world comprise oral learners: people who either can’t, don’t, or won’t read due to cultural tradition, illiteracy, or physical limitations.

“I’m highly educated and know how to read, but I still prefer listening to the Bible. But many other leaders—and the people in my church—do not read. So for them, they HAVE to hear God’s Word…” — Mozambican Church Leader

How does orality relate to missions?


“… and hearing by the Word of God.”

(Romans 10:17)

95% of pastors worldwide have no formal training and many do not have access to the Bible in their own heart language.

One audio Bible, placed strategically with a pastor, with an evangelist, with a local leader, can make a huge difference in the community.

Bible storying and story-centric discipleship training can help leaders equip oral learners to be confident and effective at sharing God’s Word with others.

Your Help Is Needed

Reach unreached people groups and majority oral learners, help equip pastors for Gospel ministry.

Take the Next Step

Your prayers are needed.

Your gift lets them hear.

Get equipped with tools, resources, and training.