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Audio Scripture Ministries is an international ministry, founded in Holland, Michigan. In addition to ASM’s teams in Mexico, Mozambique, and the USA (below), we work closely with national leaders in numerous other countries.

Global Support Team Members

Naomi Frizzell
Executive Director

For the past 20+ years Naomi has served in both domestic and international ministry organizations – through…
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Tara Rye
Bible Engagement Director

Tara Rye joined ASM’s team as Bible Engagement Director in December 2020. Tara’s love of God’s Word…
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Joshua Harrison
Donor Ministries Director

“Can you please read it to me again? I’ve never heard that story before, and I just want…
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Wanda Maloy
Operations Manager

Every day working as ASM’s Operations Manager is different, and that is one reason why Wanda loves the job. She considers it…
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Erika Hoekzema
Finance Manager

Erika joined ASM in September 2022 as the Finance Manager. Erika has her…
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Jonathan Stoimenoff
Resource Department Coordinator

Jonathan joined ASM with a BA in Audio Production from Cornerstone University (Grand Rapids, MI)…
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Allison Wilcox
Design Storyteller

Allison joined the ASM team in March of 2021. As ASM’s Design Storyteller, Allison helps communicate how…
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Kayla Andersen
Communications Coordinator

Kayla Andersen joined the ASM team as Communications Coordinator in Spring 2023. Based in Chicago, IL…
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Jessica Purucker
Donation Receipting Specialist

Numbers aren’t everyone’s thing, but for Jessica, ASM’s Donation Receipting Specialist, numbers are…
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Don Lang
ASM Representative

Don Lang has walked with the Lord most of his life. He graduated as an Electrical Engineer from Oregon…
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Mexico Team Members

Jim and Jamie Loker
Latin America Directors

Jim and his wife Jamie have served in full-time missions since 1986; first in Guatemala, then Oaxaca, Mexico, and currently…
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Diego G.
Studio Manager

José G.
Recording Technician and Distribution Coordinator

Isaias M.
Recording Technician

Edi M.

Mozambique Team Members

Chad Vanden Bosch
Director of Integral Mission Innovation

Nearly one billion people worldwide can’t study the Word of God because they can’t read, and…
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Estêvão Macambaco
Recording Technician and Distribution Coordinator

“Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him, and He will act” (Psalm 37:5, ESV) is one of Estêvão (Steve) Macambaco’s…

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Compassionate Care Team — Mozambique

Dara Vanden Bosch
Compassionate Care Coordinator

As a nurse with a background in hospice and palliative care, Dara has seen a huge need…
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Rabeca F
Compassionate Care Worker

New Harvest Farm — Mozambique

Pedro M.
New Harvest Farm Manager
Davidi Tome
Livestock Manager

Charley Eugenio
Produce Manager
Alface Eugenio
Extension Program Manager

Hilario Paulo
Seed Distribution

Board of Directors

Jamison Worst
President and Board Chair

Ryan Wood

Ben Ruiter

John Smith

Tim Jackson

Kody Faulk

Lee DeYoung

Cheryl Prindle