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Meet Edi

At age 15, Edi Martinez began working with Jim and Jamie Loker in Mexico. Born and raised in Mitla, Oaxaca, Edi has a passion for bringing God’s Word…

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John 3:16

God’s Word is being shared and cherished among many languages and people groups around the world! Listen below to John 3:16 spoken in the native tongues of several people groups

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God Speaks Rendille!

“Our Manyatta [encampment] is bursting with God’s Word”!—the village chief told Pastor David, one day after our national partner delivered the audio Bibles you provided.

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Low Wattage, High Impact

“We’re broadcasting the Bible in our Mixteco [language], thanks to the audio Bible you brought!” the national partner told Jim and Jamie Loker, ASM’s Latin America Directors..

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All Of God’s Word Matters

“Can you imagine—not having the Psalms?!”

Availability of the full Bible in audio is something God has been putting on the hearts of Jim and Jamie Loker, ASM’s Latin America Directors…

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Here We Go!

You’ve likely seen the statement, “The worst purchase I made in 2020 was a calendar day planner!” 2020 was, and 2021 is, a year of surrender…Read more from ASM’s Executive Director Naomi Frizzell

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God Will Make a Way

As ASM Africa Director Chad Vanden Bosch stood waiting along a hot, dusty stretch of road in central Mozambique, a well-used bus slowed to a crawl…

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A Changing World Needs God’s Word

The year 2020 once seemed to be so far in the distant future, didn’t it? 

Now … BOOM … it’s

People have long predicted what our lives would be like in 2020. Some predictions were accurate…Read more from ASM’S Executive Director Naomi Frizzell

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It’s Worth Every Effort

We need your help today, to respond to the needs God has placed in front of us as a ministry. 2019 is quickly coming to a close and we’re praying about specific languages where…

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