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Our Great Multiplier

Jesus multiplied five loaves and two fish to feed 5,000. 

Today Jim and Jamie Loker, ASM’s Latin America Directors, are seeing God multiply the impact of each Scripture recording that your prayers and support make possible in Mexico—to feed more people with His Word! 

God is opening the doors to use many formats, including Bible apps on phones, downloads, audio Bibles, and Bible films, to expand the reach of these Bible recordings in local heart languages!  

Praise the Lord!

In 2023 alone, Bible translations in 158 indigenous languages and dialects of Mexico were accessed via apps on 73,208 phones and other devices. Almost half of these were new devices, as people listened and shared God’s Word with others thousands of times

 Praise God for Gospel Partners like SIL who offer dedicated Scripture Apps in each of those languages and more so people can FIND God’s Word on their own cell phone devices. Praise God they can SEE the Bible come to life on Lumo Bible Films dubbed with ASM-recorded books of the Bible in local languages, provided through partner Faith Comes by Hearing.

Many Bible recordings are still needed, and several are in process at the “Que Todos Oigan” (“So All Will Hear”) ASM studio in Mexico.  God is using your prayers and financial support to help each recording feed those hungry to hear His Word. Let’s pray for people of all language groups to turn to Jesus for salvation.

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