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Mudslides and Armadillos

Miracles, mudslides, and “mole” are all part of Jim and Jamie Loker’s (ASM’s Latin America Directors’) 30 years of sharing God’s Word in Mexico. It’s a journey of answered prayer!

“I remember when we were stuck on that mountain road, and we literally had to pray for the mountain to move,” Jamie recalls. “Another time, we saw God rescue us from a dangerous flash flood.”  There have been multiple earthquakes, mudslides, and unexpected redirections. “And don’t ask me about the time we had to eat an armadillo!” (Jamie eating armadillo, pictured left)

In it all, God has moved mightily, answered prayer, and His Word in audio has brought much fruit. “We’ve seen churches founded—as people are evangelized and discipled using audio Bibles in their heart language,” Jim and Jamie share.

They saw God’s hand of guidance as He led them together 40 years ago, when Ohio Buckeye, Jim, met and married Texan Jamie. Becoming full-time missionaries in 1986, Jim and Jamie first worked in Guatemala and then continued their ministry in Oaxaca, Mexico, raising seven active children along the way. After serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators and Missionary Ventures respectively, they joined the Audio Scripture Ministries team in 2012.

The “Que Todos Oigan” (That All May Hear) studio, founded by Jim, has produced over 90 complete New Testament audio recordings and portions of the Scriptures in over 100 languages of Mexico. Starting in Oaxaca, the ASM Mexico Team also serves more language groups, helps establish radio stations, and distributes Bible Films dubbed in heart languages.

“Our greatest delight is seeing the impact of the Scriptures as people hear them in their own language, put them into practice, and allow the Holy Spirit to transform their hearts, lives, marriages, families, and communities,” the Lokers shared.

Team Trip 2015

Que Todos Oigan 2017

Audio Bible Distribution 2021

They have also helped cast a vision for missions—for hundreds of people who have participated in one or more of the 70+ short-term mission teams the Lokers have hosted or assisted with over the years, to bring God’s Word to rural areas of Oaxaca and beyond. 

Their journey demonstrates the fruit of answered prayer, and it is a journey made possible by hundreds of partners. God has used every prayer partner, financial partner, faithful recordist—the investment of you and so many others—in this Great Adventure: all to share His Word in audio

The adventure continues!  What will God do next, as you help send His Word to those still waiting to hear it?

Photo Highlights from 30+ Years

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