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VBS Kids Making it Happen

“Ready, Set, Move,” was the VBS theme of Jerseyville Baptist Church (ON, Canada), where a small but mighty group of kids are making it possible to share God’s Word. Every day the children heard first-hand stories from congregants and guests on a recent Galcom International mission trip in partnership with ASM Latin America Directors Jim and Jamie Loker, to support Gospel radio stations and place audio Bibles with those in need. This VBS fundraiser was in preparation for the next trip.

In just one week, 61 VBS kids and their families raised enough to send 21+ additional audio Bibles to families still waiting to hear God’s Word in rural Oaxaca, Mexico. Even a small-town church can make a big difference for eternity!

Even a small-town church can make a big difference for eternity!

What could God do through your community to send life-changing Gospel tools? Call us today (616-396-5291) to learn how YOU and your church can help share God’s Word and invite others in your community to be Gospel Partners. God can use every audio Bible sent to make a difference—transforming a community by His Word!

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