Those Noisy Audio Bibles

God is using your prayers and gifts to share His Word, even in unusual ways. Jesus said if His disciples would be quiet, even the stones would cry out proclaiming the Good News, but it’s still always a surprise when an audio Bible accidentally turns on inside your bag.

As the ASM team in Mexico recently was driving to Playa Vicente, sure enough, the bumps in the road led to a voice in Chinantec loudly declaring the Word of God in the back of the vehicle. After they got off the public transportation, Jemima and Lupe started going through their bags to find the noisy audio Bible. A nearby woman sipping her coffee overheard it. She recognized her own language and exclaimed, “How beautiful… I understand it. I want to hear the Word of God.”

What seemed like a minor irritation on their trip instead brought a God-ordained moment for discipleship. The woman was a new believer who didn’t even have a church home yet. Her excitement was visible as they handed her an audio Bible, “Now I have a place to listen to the Word of God more.” 

Thank you for YOUR SUPPORT of Jim and Jamie Loker, ASM Latin America Directors, and the whole ASM Team in Mexico.  

God is using your gifts to bring His Word to the right person at the right time

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