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A VHS Tape Church Plant

“…and the gates of hell will not prevail against it…” (Matt. 16:18b)

They had some fear of what people would do when it was discovered that they were followers of Jesus, Pastor Victoriano acknowledged. Many outsiders visiting this area of southwestern Mexico had been injured or imprisoned because of their faith in Jesus. Nonetheless, Victoriano and two others boldly brought the Mixe language “Gospel of Luke Film” on VHS, packing a generator because there was no electricity in the village.

Though they wanted their initial visit to be low-key, God had other ideas and so did the Mixe man hosting them. He had heard God’s Word in audio before, at Victoriano’s church, so he invited his entire village to come and watch the Gospel of Luke Film.

And, they came! People of all ages watched and listened to the Gospel of Luke in their own language, dubbed by our team in Mexico. Though many opposed the Gospel and made threats, the very first person God saved was a founder of the village. God thwarted the hostile plans through this man’s influence, and a new church was soon planted.

This local church was literally founded on hearing God’s Word in their own language! Thank you for YOUR investment in recording Bible films like these! Praise God that He is powerfully at work through His Word. Please pray for those still waiting to hear.

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