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That’s Why We Go

“The first time you see a person’s face light up when they hear the Scriptures in their own language, THAT’S why we keep going back to Oaxaca,” said Ed (pictured, far left) recently.

Ed, age 74, has been on six short-term mission trips to Mexico hosted by Jim and Jamie Loker, ASM Latin America Directors.

Many people might expect mission trips to “do” things (like build a home), yet Ed describes the pure joy of bringing God’s Word in audio to those who have lived in Bible Poverty their whole lives.

To that end, Ed keeps in good physical shape so he can hike wherever the team needs to bring audio Bibles in Mexico’s rough, rural terrain.

His goal is to see one more family, and one more community hear God’s Word for the first time in their heart language.

Today, this “first time” joy of hearing and understanding the Bible has not yet happened for Maria, Bala, Ahmed, and millions of other people, in several thousand people groups and languages around the world.

We need your help!

(1) PRAY

(2) GIVE toward audio Bibles

(3) BRING audio Bibles on mission trips

Contact us ( to learn how God can use you to bring the joy of His Word to those who need to hear!

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