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Starting With a Story

A* and S*, a couple in Greater South Asia, are passionate about sharing God’s Word through stories, trained and mentored by Tara Rye and…

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We Will Teach Others

55 church leaders, from 45 different districts of one country in South Asia gathered recently with Dr. Tara Rye and her husband Greg to train in story-centric discipleship.

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More Tea and Stories

Sharing Jesus with friends and family can sometimes be intimidating. To address this, ASM Bible Engagement director Tara Rye has crafted dozens of…

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We Can Carry Stories

What if the only Scriptures you could share were the ones you had hidden in your heart?

In June, a young man reached out to ASM’s Bible Engagement Director, Dr. Tara Rye, with the request that she help teach Biblical storytelling to him and his wife…

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Meet Tara

Tara Rye began serving with ASM in December 2020 as Bible Engagement Director. She holds a doctorate in Educational Ministry and has served in many contexts, from her own home in Nebraska to international training seminars…

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Here We Go!

You’ve likely seen the statement, “The worst purchase I made in 2020 was a calendar day planner!” 2020 was, and 2021 is, a year of surrender…Read more from ASM’s Executive Director Naomi Frizzell

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