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We Will Teach Others

55 church leaders, from 45 different districts of one country in South Asia gathered recently with Dr. Tara Rye and her husband Greg to train in story-centric discipleship.

They left eager and equipped to return to their church-planting teams with new tools to share God’s Word through oral Bible storytelling evangelism and discipleship techniques.

This is VERY important,” reflected one church leader, recognizing how it enabled leaders to teach and pass along Bible stories effectively, without relying on any outside personnel or funds. In nearby areas, many have faced persecution and accusations of forced ‘conversions’–but Bible storytelling offers a powerful and lower-risk way of introducing people to Jesus.

In another country on the continent of Africa, one young lady whom Tara taught a Bible story remarked, “I cannot believe that you are trusting me with these stories!” She went home and shared with her mother, aunts, and siblings, who all came the next day to hear more.

YOUR prayers and support are multiplying the spread of God’s Word, by training those who will learn and share God’s Word with others! Thank you!

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