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Tag: Bible Engagement

Our Good Shepherd

Jesus is our Good Shepherd. This picture of our Lord is all the more meaningful for people who spend their life caring for their own herd. Last year, ASM Partners in Kenya asked Tara Rye…

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Stories Worth Sharing

Even before the important work of Bible translation takes place in their own language, your support is making it possible for national leaders to learn…

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Do You Know Him?

One month.

That’s the time between when Aanshi’s* husband came to faith in Jesus, and when he was brutally murdered. His “crime”? Proclaiming Jesus boldly to everyone he knew…

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The Only Thing Wrong

“We have to have you come back!” Pastor David said. Thanks to YOUR prayers and support, ASM Executive Director, Naomi Frizzell, and Bible Engagement Director, Tara Rye met with key…

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Starting With a Story

A* and S*, a couple in Greater South Asia, are passionate about sharing God’s Word through stories, trained and mentored by Tara Rye and…

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We Will Teach Others

55 church leaders, from 45 different districts of one country in South Asia gathered recently with Dr. Tara Rye and her husband Greg to train in story-centric discipleship.

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More Tea and Stories

Sharing Jesus with friends and family can sometimes be intimidating. To address this, ASM Bible Engagement director Tara Rye has crafted dozens of…

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When It All Went Wrong

A recent Zoom training session with 12 East African pastors proved that sometimes it feels like things just go wrong. Yet in the midst of it all, God had a plan…

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