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Picking up a Bible, using an audio Bible, or listening to a Bible app may not feel risky. Yet, that same access to God’s Word can be dangerous for Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

For B*, a young South Asian leader, that’s his reality. “My parents made me sign a document, officially disowning me,” B* quietly shared. Because he and his wife follow Jesus, his parents said they’ll never talk to him again.

ASM Bible Engagement Director Dr. Tara Rye hosts regular, online training sessions where Bible Storytellers like B* can learn and pray with each other. As he shared his story, several other leaders began immediately praying for him and his wife. Everyone was moved.

B* bravely continues to do Bible Engagement in the region. His wife serves as a Bible Translator. Despite the pressure to turn back, this couple is fully committed to following Jesus and sharing the Gospel.

When you pray and give to ASM Bible Engagement, you encourage and train brave men and women like B* and K*, bringing God’s Word to others who can’t yet hear it. Praise God for what He is doing through Tara, and for the Story-Centric Discipleship course just launched, providing Tara’s training on ASM’s website. This course is already being used by leaders around the world.  

Pray for God to empower B* and K* and other leaders as they diligently apply this training. Ask Him to use this course to equip many more leaders to boldly share His Word.

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