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Reverberating God’s Word

Your prayers and support are helping more people to BE IN THE WORD.

One vivid picture of the change you’re bringing is the absolute joy of a beloved grandma such as Nyaduit (pictured, above), now able to listen to God’s Word regularly.

Nyaduit and Tara Listening to God’s Word in Nuer

When ASM Bible Engagement Director Tara Rye and a team brought audio Bibles to a Bible Engagement training event in Ethiopia, visiting Nyaduit was a highlight! 

Not only did Nyaduit immediately begin listening to this treasured gift, but she repeated back everything she heard from the audio Bible. As she committed God’s Word to memory in her language of Nuer and practiced repeating it, it was as if she were having a conversation with the audio Bible!

Thank you for sharing God’s Word with those who echo the Good News to others! 

Your support of Tara and Bible Engagement is helping people BE TRANSFORMED as they learn to take the Bible stories and train others to share them—who then in turn train others—via Bible Story-Centric Discipleship.

National Leaders on a Bible Engagement Training With Tara Rye

As you pray, we’re seeing pastors in Greater South Asia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda, and North America apply these tool in their ministry. As these leaders train more people to internalize, and share the true, life-giving stories of the Bible, the Gospel is going forward, and lives are being transformed! 

Thank you for helping more people BE WITH JESUS. Around the world, the power of His Living Word is being echoed boldly in new places, in more languages, and among more people still waiting to hear!  

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