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More Tea and Stories

Sharing Jesus with friends and family can sometimes be intimidating.

To address this, ASM Bible Engagement director Tara Rye has crafted dozens of Bible Engagement videos to help people share the Bible with others, in a natural storytelling way. Tara says, “Telling Bible stories can open doors that may not have been opened otherwise. It brings others into the dialogue and invites them to have a conversation.”




Re-telling a Bible story to someone may seem simple–but God’s Word is powerful. To make sure the Bible story is passed along accurately, Tara teaches a method of hearing, telling, and re-telling it five times.

Tara not only teaches these techniques, but she lives them out. International students, immigrants, and others are invited into her family’s home regularly for tea. These often unassuming conversations about a story in the Bible have led to hearts being opened to the Good News of Christ.

One Buddhist woman kept coming back for “more tea and more stories” and has since given her heart to Jesus and is now proclaiming the Good News to her family. She said she realized the stories teach us not about “the God of North America…but this God is for ALL people!

Learn more about how YOU can share Bible stories with those around you—through Tara’s training videos here.

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