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Our Good Shepherd

Jesus is our Good Shepherd. This picture of our Lord is all the more meaningful for people who spend their life caring for their own herd

Last year, ASM Partners in Kenya asked Tara Rye, ASM Bible Engagement Director, to develop discipleship training with the Bible’s “shepherd stories.” As Tara prayed and researched these stories—from King David to Jesus, Our Great Shepherd—God had an even bigger plan. 

Today, our Great God has used this training to bless many other groups, from Greater South Asia to Ethiopia.

“If I put myself in this story it becomes very practical,” South Sudanese pastor, Simon, shared. “It changes me,” he added, “so I become a good example.  Then others will follow my example like they follow the Good Shepherd.” Pastor Simon and his leaders were trained by “Dr. Tara” in active learning sessions where the Bible stories are taught and practiced repeatedly, with everyone listening, sharing, and learning. 

The pastors and leaders discussed everyone’s responsibility to go find the lost sheep—those who need to hear the Good Shepherd’s voice. Tara ended this live video training with a challenge: “Let there be no person in your area who does not know the story of the Good Shepherd!” Prayerfully accepting the challenge, these newly-equipped storytellers are excited to go far and wide to tell about Jesus. Pray for them, and for other leaders being trained to introduce the Good Shepherd who came to seek and save the lost. 

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