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God at Work Around the World

No One Like Our God

If I was given the opportunity to obtain a “superpower” (as defined by science fiction!) it would be a master command of languages. No “leaping tall buildings in a single bound” for me. I’d rather have the ability to communicate with anyone instantly in their language…

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Stories Worth Sharing

Even before the important work of Bible translation takes place in their own language, your support is making it possible for national leaders to learn…

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Those Noisy Audio Bibles

God is using your prayers and gifts to share His Word, even in unusual ways. Jesus said if His disciples would be quiet, even the stones would cry out proclaiming the Good News, but it’s still always a surprise when an audio Bible accidentally turns on inside your bag…

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All Stories

“Ready, Set, Move,” was the VBS theme of Jerseyville Baptist Church (ON, Canada), where a small but mighty group of kids are making it possible to share God’s Word...
God’s Word is reaching the unreached, thanks to your prayer and support! Pastor David and Tirrim Trust, an ASM Gospel Partner, led a recent veterinarian outreach in northern Kenya...
Praise God for Vision 2025 Progress...
Time-lapse videos are one of my favorite things. Perhaps it’s the payoff at the end of the video… the seedling becomes a flower; the house is renovated; the sun rises and sets… all in 60 seconds or less...
They couldn’t wait to share their story! Katja and Jonathan told Tara Rye, ASM’s Bible Engagement Director, how “20 of the majority people group have come to Jesus from the solar audio Bibles, and five people have recommitted their lives to Christ!”
“Our prison walls are now talking—about Jesus’ love and His mission to reconcile us to Himself!” Pastor Luka reported, a Marsabit Prison Chaplain...

Ministry Area Leaders

Jim and Jamie Loker

Jim and Jamie Loker, ASM’s Latin America Directors, have invested more than 30 years sharing God’s Word in Audio with people in Guatemala, Mexico, and elsewhere…(read more)

Tara Rye

Tara Rye joined ASM’s team as Bible Engagement Director in December 2020. Tara’s love of God’s Word, her passion for discipleship, and her gift of serving equip her to effectively train leaders around the world…(read more)

Chad Vanden Bosch

Nearly one billion people worldwide can’t study the Word of God because they can’t read, and…(read more)

Dara Vanden Bosch

As a nurse with a background in hospice and palliative care, Dara has seen a huge need…(read more)

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