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Tag: Naomi Frizzell

God’s Great Adventure

The sky in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula flashed with the green brilliance of the Northern Lights, as shooting stars and satellites traced their own paths. I was too young to understand all I was seeing…

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No One Like Our God

If I was given the opportunity to obtain a “superpower” (as defined by science fiction!) it would be a master command of languages. No “leaping tall buildings in a single bound” for me. I’d rather have the ability to communicate with anyone instantly in their language…

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Do You Know Him?

One month.

That’s the time between when Aanshi’s* husband came to faith in Jesus, and when he was brutally murdered. His “crime”? Proclaiming Jesus boldly to everyone he knew…

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The Water That Satisfies

Until I visited the Northern Kenyan desert in January, I’d never experienced such dry and dusty conditions… Read more from ASM’s Executive Director Naomi Frizzell

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