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Day: March 26, 2020

You Can’t Leave…

Last year, a Nahuatl-speaker named Isabel (not pictured) received an audio Bible with great joy from the ASM Mexico team.  She, in turn, began to think of ways she could share God’s Word with those around her who also spoke Nahuatl…

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Where Can I Get One?

Above the noise of the busy roadside market a voice cut through—causing people to stop and listen.  What was this voice?  What was it saying?

Both shoppers and merchants gathered around…

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Meet Lupe & Jemima

José (called “Lupe”) and Jemima Gonzales are two key ASM team members in Mexico.  Their kind and patient attitude is a testimony to everyone…

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God Works Through Both

She was declining in health when ASM’s Compassionate Care Team visited her.  Though weak, this 32-year-old woman was often left by herself as family members cared for others who were ailing…

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A Changing World Needs God’s Word

The year 2020 once seemed to be so far in the distant future, didn’t it? 

Now … BOOM … it’s

People have long predicted what our lives would be like in 2020. Some predictions were accurate…Read more from ASM’S Executive Director Naomi Frizzell

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