You Can’t Leave…

Last year, a Nahuatl-speaker named Isabel (not pictured) received an audio Bible with great joy from the ASM Mexico team.  She, in turn, began to think of ways she could share God’s Word with those around her who also spoke Nahuatl. 

In addition to the usual roosters crowing and early morning village bustle, every morning at 6:00 am, Isabel’s neighbors in southeast Puebla started hearing something else: the Bible, spoken in their own heart language!  Isabel had attached a horn-style speaker to her Nahuatl audio Bible, and would publicly share a chapter of Scripture every morning.

Some time later, she left town for an overnight trip.  Upon her return, she was informed by her neighbors that she can’t leave again unless she gets a replacement to play the audio Bible for her.  She faced other “complaints” as well: “Why did the story end there?  That was a bad place to stop.  Could you please play one more chapter?”  Thanks to your gifts and partnership, God’s Word is being widely proclaimed to those who hunger to hear more!

Your gift of one more audio Bible can yield significant spiritual fruit when strategically placed with someone like Isabel, who eagerly hears and shares the Hope of God’s Word.

Yes, I want to help strategically place ███ more audio Bible(s)

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