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God Works Through Both

She was declining in health when ASM’s Compassionate Care Team visited her.  Though weak, this 32-year-old woman was often left by herself as family members cared for others who were ailing.  Through your support, this lady was one of 5 new patients in rural Mozambique who received palliative care visits by our team.  She expressed deep gratitude for the team as they visited her and ministered to her.  Thanks to your generous gifts, she also received her own audio Bible—and was overjoyed.  When our team next visited, her face glowed as she talked about the companionship and hope she felt from listening to the audio Bible all day, helping pass the long hours of pain and solitude.


We celebrate that through your generous support, Dara Vanden Bosch is now expanding these encouraging results by promoting the wider use of audio Bibles within health care. The newly-launched “Compassionate Care Audio Bible Grant Program” will empower other compassion ministries worldwide with tools to share the Bible in audio. The goal is to equip people serving in health care, relief and rescue, or humanitarian aid to more effectively reach out with the Gospel by using audio Scripture alongside their current outreach.  Providing access to audio Scripture, while also being the “hands and feet of Jesus,” can lead to amazing personal and community transformation of those being served, as God works through both!

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