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We Can Carry Stories

What if the only Scriptures you could share were the ones you had hidden in your heart?

In June, a young man reached out to ASM’s Bible Engagement Director, Dr. Tara Rye, with the request that she help teach Biblical storytelling to him and his wife. They live in a South Asian country where most people are oral learners and face many restrictions to accessing God’s Word.

“It is very important we have the Bible in our heart in stories,” this man explained, “because we are not allowed to carry a Bible. It is not safe. But, we can carry stories.”  

Identifying features have been censored for their protection.

Tara and her husband Greg started leading this couple through Biblical storytelling training sessions, practicing how to listen, learn, share, and teach Bible stories. In each lesson Tara would tell a specific Bible story and ask what they had learned. They would then discuss the elements in the story and repeat it aloud several times until it was well established in their minds. The couple enjoyed the process so much that they scheduled a training to equip other believers. They gathered a group of women from 5 different villages! In this follow-up training, eight women attended. Five husbands also joined, to see what their wives were learning. Excited to learn God’s Word this way, each woman wanted a turn to share the Bible story. Then the men wanted to share the Bible stories too! Their enthusiasm led to a plan for regular training to learn more Bible stories.

Identifying features have been censored for their protection.

Pray for these men and women as they tell Bible stories in their community, and for this national leader as he records the Bible in his language. Pray for new opportunities and open doors to share God’s Word!

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