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New Harvest Farm Update

For the average family in central Mozambique, it has been a painful start to 2021. Two back-to-back cyclones in January brought 10-15 inches of sudden rain. Because 90% of the community are subsistence farmers, living off whatever they can grow in an acre or so, this was devastating.

As Chad Vanden Bosch surveyed the loss by visiting people in the community, he saw again how crucial New Harvest Farm (NHF)’s work is to building long-term impact through relationships. “You’re here, you see us … You know what we need!” he heard, time and again. This kind of trust opens the door for Gospel Seeds to be planted deeply, nurturing ongoing outreach and discipleship!

In the midst of difficulty, our team was able to celebrate how the quality corn seed that NHF provided to many in the local community (through the generosity of our friends at Meredith Drive Reformed Church in Pella, Iowa) recovered noticeably better from cyclone damage. This demonstrated how even just one investment in providing good seed can make a significant difference in so many lives.

This year Chad and the NHF Team have launched an Agricultural Extension Program. They are going into the community and training others, in their own fields, to use new techniques and helpful tools already tested at NHF over the last two years.

This program is building long-term relationships in the community, to bring lasting food security and discipleship. By equipping people to “Farm with God,” the ASM Team at New Harvest Farm is sowing “Good Seed”—for a spiritual and physical harvest—one family and one field at a time.

I want to continue sowing Good Seed through NHF

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