Herders Hearing

God’s Word is reaching the unreached, thanks to your prayer and support! Pastor David and Tirrim Trust, an ASM Gospel Partner, led a recent veterinarian outreach in northern Kenya. This effort served herding communities recovering from four years of drought conditions. Your generous contributions, along with other partners, provided 346 audio Bibles in the heart languages of families in these hard-to-reach people groups.

During these droughts, migratory herders saw vast percentages of their animals–their livelihood–weaken and succumb to the elements and disease. ASM’s Gospel Partner responded to the urgent need with a team of veterinarians to care for 53,201 sick and weakened animals. They administered thousands of vaccinations and treated sheep, goats, and camels.

While the nomadic lifestyle of these communities makes it challenging to reach them with the Gospel, this veterinary outreach brought the hope and Gospel of Jesus Christ through tangible help, audio Bibles, and The Jesus Film. These families are now hearing stories of God’s goodness through the audio Scripture devices YOU provided.

Thank you for remembering these nomadic people by providing urgently-needed physical and spiritual support.

Would you pray and give a gift to continue this vital work? Your donation can provide more opportunities to share God’s Word with one more family. God is using your help to bring community transformation in the message of salvation through Jesus.

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