The Only Thing Wrong

“We have to have you come back!” Pastor David said. Thanks to YOUR prayers and support, ASM Executive Director, Naomi Frizzell, and Bible Engagement Director, Tara Rye met with key national partners in northern Kenya. Praise God for these national leaders working hard to reach nomadic people groups with the Gospel in Northern Kenya, and in several bordering countries!

Thanks to YOUR help, in January dozens of leaders were equipped by Tara in story-centric discipleship tools and training.

After one of the Bible Engagement training events led by Tara, a key leader, Pastor Daniel spoke up. “There was only one thing really wrong with this training…”! He paused.  “It was TOO SHORT!” he said. “We really need more of this!

One leader in Greater South Asia was seeking Bible training in the methods and strategies that could help him train others. After training with Tara, he exclaimed, “This is SO multipliable!”

Would you pray for these national leaders as they train others, and for them to faithfully present the story of Jesus to the thousands of people still waiting to hear the Gospel? 

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