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Even before the important work of Bible translation takes place in their own language, your support is making it possible for national leaders to learn and teach Bible “story sets” for evangelism and discipleship. ASM Bible Engagement Director Tara Rye is coaching dozens of leaders in Greater South Asia and on the continent of Africa to internalize and teach God’s Word with greater confidence.

“You revealed God’s Word to us in a very different way so we can share. It is a very powerful tool,” exclaimed S*, a next-generation leader in Asia. Leaders are not only growing in understanding God’s truth but feel better equipped to share it through these Bible story sets. L*, a businessman, and Simon, a pastor, both from South Asia, are among the remarkable leaders wanting to develop their discipleship skills through storytelling. “I was captivated … left the class feeling inspired and motivated to learn more” L* wrote.

Based on Scriptural themes God provides, Tara has developed sets of stories that explore Biblical topics like evangelism, Jesus bringing healing, and stories of widows throughout the Bible. Organized into workbooks, these groups of stories have become valuable references for leaders to teach the Bible in their communities, engage with relevant needs, and address urgent questions with examples straight from God’s Word.

Your help is needed to continue this vital work. Would you consider making a gift to provide needed training to additional leaders who are eager to learn and share God’s Word?

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