“Pray for HOPE for our nation.”

One young couple, Christian leaders in Greater South Asia, ask for your prayers.

Not that persecution would cease, not that they would merely have greater safety as believers—but that God’s Word would release HOPE to their nation.

Faces covered for security

For many months ASM’s Bible Engagement Director, Tara Rye, and her husband Greg (pictured, above right), have been training this young couple (above, left) in Bible Story-Centric Discipleship.

In a country that doesn’t permit the ownership of a print Bible, and where most women are oral communicators and do not read, this faithful couple is training many others in the surrounding communities to carefully learn and share Bible stories orally. They know sharing God’s Word is what will give TRUE HOPE to their nation

Faces covered for security

Recently they trained 12 other women who do not read (one pictured, leading a training session in her village). These women were “very thankful for the easy ways to REMEMBER Bible stories” and are excited to share God’s Word with others.

Faces covered for security

It’s not only the adults who are excited to learn and share God’s Word. Now this couple’s young daughter (pictured, left) has boldly taken the initiative to share Bible stories with other children.

We thank the Lord for how He is using your investment in Tara and ASM’s Bible Engagement to equip this brave couple and their family for more effective ministry. Now they’re training dozens of others in these hard-to-reach places. Let’s pray for God to continue to expand the reach of the Gospel to many hungry hearts—in yet-unreached people groups.

Bible Engagement training is not an exclusive tool for reaching people in one particular area, or rural places in South Asia. Would you also please pray for five upcoming Bible Engagement training events that Tara Rye is leading for various churches and groups in the USA?

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