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Update From Naomi — March 2024

When night falls in Northern Kenya, it gets dark.  I know that seems like an obvious statement, but I didn’t know how dark it would be, until there was no artificial light.  No ambient street lights.  No warm light spilling out of homes.  No car headlights.  Nothing but God’s moon and stars above me, and my small dollar store flashlight.

When you pray for and support Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM), you are helping shine Gospel LIGHT into places around the world.  Thank you.  God used ASM donors to equip our partners in Northern Kenya with hundreds of solar-powered audio Bibles.  Nomadic people groups like the Rendille, Samburu, and Pokot are now listening to God’s Word in their own heart language because of those prayers and gifts.

They are hearing Jesus proclaim that HE is our light, from passages like John 8 where “Jesus said to the people, “I am the Light of the world. So if you follow Me, you won’t be stumbling through the darkness, for living light will flood your path” (John 8:12, Living Bible).  Not the light of an inexpensive flashlight like the one I had in Kenya, but rather Jesus is THE  LIGHT that FLOODS our way forward and shows us where to follow Him.  And in hearing God’s Word, our friends in Northern Kenya are learning to follow Jesus.  Praise the Lord!

Where is God asking you to take Gospel Light this year?  A trip across the state, across the country, or around the world can provide wonderful opportunities for you to personally share God’s Word in audio.  Contact Jonathan at ASM’s Resource Department to learn how you can be a part of sharing God’s Word.   

Let’s Shine Gospel Light Together,

Naomi A. Frizzell

Executive Director

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