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It Hasn’t Turned Out Like We Expected

2020 … the year we were all going to keep our New Year’s resolutions.  The year we were going to lose weight, spend less money, be kinder, read the Bible more, live more simply, be more generous, take up a new hobby, and live our lives with less stress.  Simple, right?

I don’t know about you, but some resolutions are distant memories because the year hasn’t turned out quite like expected.  There are likely very few people who can say 2020 has turned out the way they planned. 

Racism, violence, global tension, and the coronavirus have brought us to our knees more often these days.  One grim headline about the long-term effects of the virus said this, “We don’t know what the world will be like after this ends.”  

The author analyzed economics, health care, travel, and other things that are changing because of COVID-19.  However, what struck me most about the statement was this … 

As believers who have put our trust in Jesus, you and I DO know what the world will be like after this ends

As believers who have put our trust in Jesus, you and I DO know what the world will be like after this ends

  • You and I will live in a world where God STILL keeps His promises.
  • You and I will live in a world of people who STILL need Jesus
  • You and I will live in a world with STILL more opportunities to share the hope, peace, and joy found in Jesus
  • You and I will live in a world where people are STILL waiting to hear God’s Word in their own heart language.
MEXICO: Right now people cannot attend
church in Mexico, so this small group (including a parrot!) is listening to Scripture in their own language, Nahuatl of Tatahuicapan. Our team placed this Proclaimer audio Bible, generously provided by ministry partner Faith Comes By Hearing.

That doesn’t mean, however, that persistent racism, violence, and the virus aren’t impacting people, maybe even you.  Like perhaps you, our team has lost loved ones to COVID-19, friends or family members have lost jobs, or been impacted in other significant ways by recent events.  You and I grieve for these losses, but together we also find courage to persevere in our faith because we, “ … hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful”, (Hebrews 10:23, NIV).  

Hallelujah – God is faithful – and the mission He has called you and I to has not changed – helping connect people to God’s Word in their own heart language!  In fact, that mission is even more vital as people search for answers found only in God’s Word.

Along with you, ASM has made changes because of COVID-19.  ASM’s global support team worked from home for more than two months, using digital communications solutions.  Our Mozambique Compassionate Care Team continues to take extra safety precautions with their patient’s health.  Audio Bible recording and distribution in Mexico and Mozambique have been postponed until travel bans are lifted.  We’re also praying together more and studying God’s Word more as an ASM global family.  You’re invited to participate in our Thursday “family” times.  Please email me for details.

We’ve also capitalized on the influx of people working from home by launching a social media project called Home In His Word (  People everywhere, and from all languages, are finding hope, peace and rest – indeed “making their home” – in God’s Word.  

Your generosity has helped lift up the crucial importance of God’s Word – in new ways and to new audiences.  Thank you.

To even more wisely steward your gifts to ASM, I praise the Lord that the team has diligently cut expenses by over 60%, as we’ve responded to a 40% dip in donations since March.  Unfortunately, that funding dip also means we’ve put on hold audio Bible recording and distribution projects in three new Asia regions and one new African region.

Would you pray for ASM and consider a gift today to restart these projects to give God’s Word to those who need audio Bibles the most? 

This year may not be what we expected, yet we serve a God who was not surprised by all that has happened, and He remains in control.  

Deus spes nostra – God is our Hope!

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