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Fruitful Ministry in Mexico

God’s Word in audio is proving to be an effective missionary, pastor, and teacher in villages formerly resistant to the gospel. What a joy it is to see evidence of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection among the Mixtecos now that they finally have access to God’s Word in their own language.

For a quarter of a century we have been reaching the unreached, but never had we witnessed that sacred moment when the very first believer catches the vision for reaching his unsaved neighbors. Last month we experienced the humble privilege of viewing this magical transformation right at the crossroads to a village with no Christian witness. It is no exaggeration to say that it felt like we were standing on holy ground.

“I would like to devote my land to build a place of prayer where people can come and listen to God’s Word in our language.” These are the words we heard from the very first known convert in one particular Mixtec hamlet or “agencia.” Local believers from another village had been sharing their faith with Juan (not his real name), until his life had been transformed from that of a widower who drank too much to that of a Spirit-filled soul wanting to reach out to his neighbors.

Together with a few members of a supporting church in Pittsburgh, we hand delivered an audio Bible to Juan and listened as our Mixtec friends translated his testimony from their language to Spanish. While we were still talking and praying with Juan, a neighbor wandered up the trail and began asking what brought us there, and why Juan was no longer a drunk. Again, the Mixtec believers were able to explain the hope that we have within us. Already we see the beginning of a church being established even without a trained pastor.

After the many years of painstaking translation work, the months of recording the Scriptures, and the days of distributing audio Bibles, the culmination is watching the fruit burst open and pour forth seeds. Praise be to God for the glorious outpouring of His Holy Spirit enlightening the hearts of those who desperately need Him! May the Mixtec believers continue to be fruitful, and may evidence of God’s Word multiply into more regions where people have yet to hear the Good News.

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