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Courage Despite Persecution

Your gifts are helping provide audio Bibles for young Christian believers who are being persecuted for their faith in one village of Oaxaca, Mexico!

Before the global health pandemic, people in the Zapotec village of Santa Cruz were jailed as a way to discourage them from attending church services in nearby villages. Roadblocks were set up on Sundays to puncture the tires of churchgoers returning home. Believers would secretly leave their homes early Sunday morning dressed for work in their fields, carrying machetes or other tools, and then walk to church.

Earlier this year, ASM Latin American Directors Jim and Jamie Loker had the privilege of co-laboring with Maria*, a courageous native missionary. Together they snuck into one village to place audio Bibles with five families, equipping them with earbuds so they might listen to Scripture without drawing unnecessary attention. When the pandemic limited public gatherings, these new believers had immediate access to God’s Word even when they couldn’t go to church.

At Maria*’s suggestion, Jim and Jamie also gave an audio Bible to an older couple who live in a strategic location at the entrance of the village. They were not followers of Christ at that time, but Jamie says, “We trust that they are listening to the Zapotec Scripture and coming to faith in Jesus even now. Our prayer is that their home becomes a gateway house, where Maria* and others can take refuge when ministering among those who face persecution for their faith.”

Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts to help provide the hope of God’s Word to persecuted believers in Mexico.

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