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An Abundant Harvest

Fall is harvest time in this part of the world.

Driving through Midwest backroads recently, my husband and I saw field after field being readied for an abundant harvest. Huge combines, windrowers, and things I really don’t know the names of, rumbled down roads and in fields. The Amish, using horse-drawn hay-loaders, were also busy under the blazing sun.

Regardless of the equipment used, preparing for the harvest is hard work!

“Make hay while the sun shines” is not just an old farmer’s saying. It also means that when the conditions are right we should make the most of every opportunity. The same is true of sharing the Gospel.

Right now, the fields are “white with harvest” (John 4:35) in Greater South Asia, Mexico, and on the continent of Africa. Every week our partners share powerful stories about how God has opened doors of opportunity in “just the right places” to plant Gospel seeds and to reap the harvest of hearts ready to trust in Jesus.

Some regions (country names not included for security reasons) with the greatest potential harvest are also some of the hardest in which to share the Gospel. Physical threats and travel challenges have been used to try to discourage and dissuade Gospel sharing. Yet, the Gospel is going forward boldly.

One partner working in West Africa reports that every Sunday a local group of believers would find the floor of their meeting place smeared with the excrement of sheep and goats. Instead of retaliating, this small congregation has started building their own church, a place of worship and expanded ministry within the community.

This same partner and his team have distributed more than 800 audio Bibles in another West African country.

He says, “We heard many talking about what amazing words they have heard and learned. There were many waiting and asking for more! Pray that more and more people will hear the Word, and Faith will come!” AMEN! Would you please pray for this partner and his team whom God is using to reap a Gospel harvest?

God is using your prayers and financial support so that once- hardened hearts are now being cultivated through hearing God’s Word in audio in local heart languages.

Praise the Lord for the abundant Gospel harvest He is preparing. Together, let’s make the most of every opportunity! So many are still waiting to hear.

P.S. – If your church holds a Missions Festival this fall, or if you need “pulpit supply,” we’d be happy to help! Contact Joshua Harrison— or call 616.396.5291, ext 3. God is on the move around the world, and we look forward to sharing the stories and testimonies in person with your church or group!

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