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Your Gift to Luiz

Meet Luiz (pronounced “Luish,” pictured, below). He delivers coal in Mozambique to support his family. Two or three times every week, he bikes 80-100 miles round-trip to gather charcoal, deep in the bush, and sell it in the village to support his wife and children (including a newborn baby).

When the Compassionate Care Team met him 5 years ago, they struck up a friendship. Recently, he asked the question we love to hear, “Please–could I have an audio Bible? I would like to listen while I make these trips back and forth.”

Thanks to YOUR support, we answered with a resounding, “YES!” Even though Luiz will still have long days biking charcoal to and from the village, his smile says it all: now he’s listening to God’s Word in his own language!

After the ASM team gave him a much-longed-for audio Bible, he immediately thought about his family, and how he wanted his family to listen, too. Thank you for making it possible for Luiz, his family, and many others like them to hear and SHARE the promises of God!

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