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Tilling the Soil

After years of seeing friends and neighbors in the fertile land of Mozambique be stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of poverty and food crisis, ASM Africa Director Chad Vanden Bosch felt God leading him to expand their ministry. Building on the well-received audio Bible recording and distribution process, and the palliative care projects, Chad is developing a rural agricultural institute. The “Farming With God” institute will offer subsistence farmers (about 90% of the local population) the ability to learn “new” farming techniques and technologies, presented from a Biblical perspective.

“Farming With God” enrollment will begin soon. Please pray that the farmers will learn techniques to increase their crop yields, and that the teachings and relationships built will also help “till the soil of their hearts” to receive the gospel. Your support and prayers are essential, as Chad and his Mozambican team work to transform 15 acres of hilly, never-before-tilled, nutrient-leached land into a productive demonstration farm. Our goal is to present each participant with an audio Bible, with Scripture in their heart language and agricultural teachings in Portuguese. As they tend their farms daily, they will also be able to listen to God’s Word!

More audio Bibles are needed in Mozambique, for “Farming With God”, and many other places. “When will the audio Bibles come?”, our team is regularly asked. Would you prayerfully consider a gift toward the remaining $11,735 needed (total: $64,000) to provide 2,000 audio Bibles?

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