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The “G” In Partnership

That isn’t a typo and YES you did read that right.  

Of course, there really isn’t a “g” in the spelling of the word partnership, at least not in its English spelling!  
Yet, there is a “g” in partnerships at Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM) because the ‘“g” represents Gospel Partnerships.  ASM gives priority to developing Gospel Partnerships that reach oral people groups who have limited (or no) access to God’s Word in audio.

ASM believes that every person has the right—and the need—to hear God’s Word in their own heart language.  We also believe that God is honored, and ministry is strengthened when we work in collaboration with other like-minded individuals, churches and ministries.  At the center of each partnership is our deep commitment that “… this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations,” (Matthew 24:14a, NIV).

John 17: 20-23 records Jesus’ prayer that His followers (that means us!) would be united, to the glory of God.  What a beautiful reminder that our unity as believers is an inward reflection of our heart’s commitment to Jesus, and an outward demonstration to the world that God loves them.

YOU are a part of each of these Gospel Partnerships

Through your prayers, financial support, distributing audio Bibles, volunteering, and connecting ASM with your church, friends and ministries.  Thank you for everything that you are doing so God’s Name will be proclaimed!

Would you praise God with me for these recent Gospel Partnerships?

  • 200 SD card audio Bibles to national pastors and others in nomadic people groups in Northern Kenya (pictured, top)—a partnership, supported by your generosity to the Audio Bibles Where Most Needed fund, training pastors to share the Gospel and better serve their congregations.
  • 100 audio Bibles distributed in a Western Ethiopia orphanage (pictured left) and through a traveling evangelist—a partnership, with the generous support of an Alabama church, giving the Gospel to younger generations in Ethiopia and South Sudan, many of whom have been traumatized by regional violence.
  • Free access to 80 different languages of audio Bible recordings (primarily languages on the continent of Africa)—in partnership with an audio Bible recording ministry, helping ASM share the Gospel in many more languages with those who need to hear.  
  • 2021 Mozambique Container Project providing audio Bibles, agricultural equipment, medical supplies, and humanitarian goods—a partnership, with some 50 churches, businesses and individuals, sharing the Gospel in Word and Deed in Mozambique.
  • And the list goes on!

You’ve likely heard the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  With our eyes on Jesus, God is calling us to “go far” together into more  Gospel Partnerships so that His Name will be proclaimed in new regions, to new language groups, using new technology, overcoming all barriers, and in every part of the world.  
What a privilege we have to be part of sharing the hope of the Gospel—to the far ends of the earth.  I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you … let’s go! 

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Our Great God is at work, every step along the way. From when He prompted you to pray or send your financial support to ASM, to the arrival of God’s Word in audio in the hands of those who will hear … the story of His work has just begun!

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