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Summer Letter from Jim Loker

These are exciting times as Audio Scripture Ministries reaches and impacts more language groups and countries than ever before. In recent days we have expanded our reach greatly as God has joined us with new partners on the field. Your prayers are being powerfully answered!

In addition to our main bases of India, Mozambique, and Mexico, we now have contacts in South East Asia and are sending audio Scriptures to the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. In Africa audio Bibles are going to Burkina Faso, Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Lesotho, and Uganda. In Latin America we are reaching Peru, Suriname, and Guatemala. Other audio Bibles are reaching people right here in the United States! Some immigrants and newly adopted children are benefiting from being able to listen to God’s Word in their heart languages.

As we approach the halfway point of 2016, ASM is celebrating a 60% increase of audio Bibles distributed over last year. With summer mission teams requesting audio Scriptures to take on their short-term trips and others who are giving audio Bibles to migrant workers in the U.S., the numbers will continue to swell. Please think of us as you meet people who would benefit from hearing God speak their language.

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