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She Left a Legacy

Your support of ASM’s Compassionate Care (CC) Team serves rural Mozambican friends in physical need and leaves a lasting spiritual legacy. Led by Dara Vanden Bosch, the Team shares Jesus’ love on weekly visits to patients and their families. Listening, sharing God’s Word, singing, praying, and doing art together brings comfort and support.

In a culture with little leisure time and few material goods, using God-given creativity in art has helped provide outlets for healing and restoration–for patients and CC team members alike. The art supplies sent in the 2021 Container Project continue to be a big blessing!

One beloved patient, Christina (pictured, left), passed away in 2022. It was a painful loss for her family–and for the CC Team who visited her weekly over many years. After the funeral, Christina’s sister reflected on how much these visits meant to their family, and the legacy items Christina left as a result.

Her young son, Josepha, now has physical reminders of her such as, “her quilt, crocheted bed cover, and the framed photo” provided by the Team, in addition to her audio Bible which the family uses regularly. Thank you for helping provide a physical and spiritual LEGACY through Compassionate Care!

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