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In many parts of the world, oral learners outnumber readers. Often, these non-literate people groups have not been reached by the Gospel in a form they can understand. To help spread the Word of God in these areas, ASM has established direct, ongoing training, recording, and distribution projects in Africa, Asia, and Central America. Through ASM missionaries and facilities, as well as national partners, we record the Scriptures in local languages, distribute players to the people who need them, and train new technicians to do the same. And we need your help to continue doing so.

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ASM’s African operations, led by Chad Vanden Bosch, concentrate on spreading God’s Word in audio in the southeastern nation of Mozambique. Check out our training, recording, and distribution efforts, plus our new work with the country’s first pediatric hospice project.


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ASM’s Asian operations, led by ASM’s national partner ministry in India, seek to record and distribute the Bible in the heart languages of non-reading people groups in Nepal and India. Take a look at our efforts and learn more about our national partners.

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Latin America

Latin America

ASM’s operations in Latin America, led by Jim and Jamie Loker, are all about recording and distributing audio Scriptures among the non-literate people groups of Mexico. Discover more about ASM’s efforts to spread the Gospel to oral learners.

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