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Progress and Prayer—Summer 2024

Praise God for

  • Growing partnerships to share God’s Word in Asia and South Asia.
  • God’s Word being shared in a new, difficult-to-access country.
  • Partnership to share audio Bibles and do Bible training with Christian leaders and military contacts in West Africa.
  • God’s light shining in Kenya through a partnership installing two church solar ministry toolkits (Sonset Solutions).
  • Story-Centric Discipleship Training successfully launched on

Pray for

  • Gospel Partners facing increased scrutiny and persecution.
  • Continued momentum toward the goal of distributing 24,000 audio Bibles in 2024.
  • Leadership and Bible Engagement training requests from new areas.
  • Overcoming challenges with:
    • Cicadas interrupting audio Bible recordings!
    • Scripture content-use permissions.

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