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Progress and Prayer—Spring 2024

Praise God for

  • 800 audio Bibles en route to northern Mozambique
  • 1,000 SD cards with audio Scripture distributed in a
    country experiencing civil war
  • Volunteers making hundreds of hand-crafted audio Bible bags
  • Open doors for a Gospel Partner to use 300 SD cards
    and 300 solar speakers to serve refugees and train church
    leaders in Sub-Saharan Africa (pictured, above)
  • God’s work in the hearts of prisoners listening to God’s
    Word in Alaska, Kenya, and other places

Pray for

  • An urgent request: Several Gospel Partners in South Asia held captive and their whole community threatened by hostile forces, reported 2/22/24!
  • Short-term mission trips distributing God’s Word
    in Mexico, West Africa, South Asia, and other places 
  • Timely completion of Bible recordings in progress
  • Overcoming obstacles in creative access countries

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