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Prison Walls Are Talking

“Our prison walls are now talking—about Jesus’ love and His mission to reconcile us to Himself!” Pastor Luka reported, a Marsabit Prison Chaplain. He and others are seeing God at work after a recent chaplain training program made possible through YOUR prayer and support. God’s Word is spreading throughout the prisons in Kenya! Inmates are hearing Scripture ring out through the halls of their prisons as a source of hope and truth in a difficult place.

ASM Partners Pastor David Gargule and Helen Etyang (Director of Tirrim Trust and Director of TheoVision Kenya, respectively) led this outreach and resourced local chaplains with audio Bibles. The prisoners are from oral communities where many don’t read. The training program trained chaplains to tell the Gospel story and equip prisoners to retell the Bible stories—and provided a total of 150 Audio Bibles in Kiswahili and 8 other local languages, distributed in four area prisons.

Jesus came to “proclaim freedom for the prisoners” (Luke 4:18, NIV). This is happening in Kenya as prisoners hear the truth of His Word in their mother tongue! Chaplain Luka reminds us, “It is only God’s Word that can reform a criminal, not the walls of a prison.”

God is using your gifts to ASM to share the hope of Jesus within the Kenyan justice system. Thank you for praying and giving so that prisoners might hear of true freedom in Christ. Who else around you needs to hear God’s Word? How might the Lord be leading you to share His Word today?

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