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“Now They Attend Church and Follow Christ!”

In many Oaxacan villages in Mexico, the TV and entertainment are not in the local language. So, an audio Bible in the village’s language opens incredible doors for evangelism and discipleship, as people listen to the Good News in the words their heart can best understand.

Pastor Alfredo and his wife, Miriam, delivering an audio Bible

Imagine: a knock on your door.  It’s one of those “church people.” You’re not interested, but before you close the door, Pastor Alfredo says, “Wait—I have something I want you to hear.” He presses a button, and you hear someone speaking. It’s the Bible—and God is speaking your heart language, Isthmus Zapotec! You’re intrigued. As you listen, the Holy Spirit begins growing the seeds of God’s Word in your heart. Pastor Alfredo invites you to a church gathering, and you begin to comprehend more about God who loves you enough to speak your language.

In January, Jim and Jamie Loker (ASM’s Latin America Directors) visited this area where previously there were no known believers. But pastors like Alfredo (pictured, above), along with lay evangelists, have been using audio Bibles—provided by your gifts—to share God’s Word. After months of interactions similar to the scene above, a new church is springing up, with God’s Word as the foundation.

Since so many people are fascinated to hear Bible stories in their own language, it’s a natural way for pastors and church members to share the Gospel. “All we have to do is visit, pray with them and share an audio Bible … and now so many of them are attending church and following Christ!”

Your prayers and support are bearing incredible fruit in Mexico. But Pastor Alfredo points out that in another village further down the road, Christ still needs  to be proclaimed. “There are no believers there, yet,” he says. The unspoken questions hang in the air …  When can we go? And, how many audio Bibles can we bring, so they too can hear God’s Word?

Another national pastor reports that 8 families from non-church backgrounds started coming to listen to the Scripture together. As they listened to the Bible in Zapotec, the Holy Spirit began His work, and now many are following Jesus. Jim and Jamie were able to deliver a personal audio Bible for each family forming this new church so they can also listen at home, and continue growing in the Lord.

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