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No Flashlight Needed

Everywhere I go, I carry a flashlight. It goes with me to church, to get groceries, to work, and to other countries. It’s nothing flashy (no pun intended), just a little blue flashlight from the local discount store. I started carrying a flashlight more than a decade ago. Yes, I know smart phones have a flashlight app, but there’s nothing quite like a “true” flashlight.

In January, Joshua Harrison, ASM Communications and Development Manager, and I traveled to visit Jim and Jamie Loker, ASM Latin America Directors, and the Mexico team. Did I carry my flashlight with me? Definitely.

In rural Mexico, when night falls, it falls hard. In the United States we’ve become accustomed to lights almost everywhere. And while many Mexican cities decorate their streets with beautiful hanging lights, out beyond the city, it’s dark.

When traveling in the dark, you need wisdom to know when to turn back, when to have courage to plow ahead, and when to rely on a trusted guide. In Mexico, we had Pastor Oscar who knows the roads of Juchitan. Sitting in the van each night, Pastor Oscar confidently directed Jim this way and that, with me grateful that I wasn’t going to be dropped somewhere and left to find my own way!

One night we pulled into a small village where, other than a small light above the local bodega, the beckoning bright light was coming from the local church (not pictured). I didn’t need my flashlight to find the church as Pastor Alfredo, and his family, welcomed us warmly to the church.  They, and many other pastors like them, live out Matthew 5:16, shining the light of Jesus: “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (NIV).

Just like the church shining light into the dark Mexican night, I thank God that His Light is now shining in the hearts of thousands of men, women, and children around the world because they have heard God’s Word in their own heart language on an audio Bible. This is the direct result of your prayers and financial support.

ASM believes that everyone who wants to hear God’s Word should be able to do so. That’s why over the next five years we’re Exploring new regions, and new ways, to share God’s Word; Expanding prayer support, collaboration with like-minded ministries, and developing new resources; Empowering and serving national ministries and leaders like Pastor Oscar and Pastor Alfredo; to help Extend the reach of God’s Word.

I thank God for the ASM Board and ASM Teams globally. These gifted, committed men and women are passionately shining God’s Light in the world.  Yet, the task before us is huge.

Over 41% of the world (3 billion people) are still considered unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We need your help. Your prayers for wisdom, your counsel as we Explore new ideas and new opportunities, and your financial support are essential. Thank you for being a part of shining God’s light into the darkness—so that all may hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, no flashlight needed!

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