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Meet Lloyd

“There are so many people who can’t read God’s Word for themselves, but now they can hear God’s Word with these audio players.”

ASM Representative Lloyd Wolters desires everyone to hear God’s Word and come to faith in Jesus Christ. Lloyd’s father introduced him to ASM Founder Ron Beery. After hearing ASM’s vision for audio Bibles 45 years ago, Lloyd’s passion to share audio Scripture was confirmed during a 1990s visit to India when one man thanked him for bringing audio Bibles saying, “You brought us from darkness to light, from despair to hope.”

Lloyd advocates for audio Bibles and he uses them! During 34 years as a pastor, Lloyd often used a hand-crank cassette player—and later, a digital audio Bible—to play the Scripture passage being used in his sermon. Today, Lloyd carries an audio Bible with him, always ready to share God’s Word with someone who needs it.

Lloyd’s favorite verse is Romans 10:17, where Paul reminds us, “How can they hear without someone preaching to them?” Lloyd joyfully notes “every one of these audio Bibles is a preacher, an electronic evangelist.” Lloyd encourages everyone, regardless of age, to consider investing their free time and available resources in sowing the life-giving, priceless gift of God’s Word in audio.

God has faithfully blessed Lloyd’s work, bringing Bibles to more people around the world, and empowering many others to pray for and support ASM, so that all may hear. ASM thanks God for Lloyd!

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