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It’s Worth Every Effort

We need your help today, to respond to the needs God has placed in front of us as a ministry. 2019 is quickly coming to a close and we’re praying about specific languages where God’s Word is not yet recorded, and where we have not yet shared any audio Scriptures. The fact is, we cannot move forward on these projects until God provides. Would you pray with us for the financial need we face to begin moving into these areas?

Your gift “Where Most Needed” will help open new doors for 2020 recording and distribution projects, while also providing much-needed support for operations. In Colossians 4, we’re reminded to “make the most of every opportunity.” We rely on the Lord to use your prayers, support, and partnership to do so. We delight in the Lord’s pleasure as a man in Mexico grins widely, listening to God’s Word in his own language for the first time, or as a shepherd in Kenya and a family in India enthusiastically memorize the Scriptures they’re listening to while working with their hands. It is worth every effort to share an audio Bible with a new Compassionate Care patient in Mozambique, or to hear the testimony of the Holy Spirit’s work in a heart, as one person said, “As I listened… I couldn’t help but believe”!

Every gift today is an investment in eternity for those who will receive the life-transforming Word of God.

What is your part?

Give today here. Thank you!

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