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Hope in the Wake of the Storm

Cyclone Idai was one of the worst-ever cyclones to hit the Southern Hemisphere. In March 2019, it roared on shore at Beira, Mozambique, with 120 mph winds and torrential rain, leaving a path of death and destruction. More than 2 million people were impacted by the storm, losing family members, homes, churches, businesses, and crops.

Through your prayers and donations, God used Chad and Dara Vanden Bosch and their teams in central Mozambique to offer hope and immediate disaster relief in the form of drinking water, 1.5 tons of dry food, 250 tarps, and medical care. As part of the new ASM “Farming With God” Agricultural Project, 160 local families were provided with 25lb seed packages to start replanting lost crops.

The Mozambique Teams also distributed audio Bibles to help bring hope and peace to cyclone victims. Praise the Lord that through your prayers and financial support, they are now (at printing) distributing 750 audio Bibles to areas hardest hit by the cyclone, including in places previously resistant to the Gospel!

The needs in Mozambique will continue for years, as people rebuild and face many uncertainties with health and food-security issues. Right now ASM has started collecting donations to fill a 20ft shipping container with agricultural equipment and medical supplies, as well as earnestly-desired audio Bibles. Your help is needed! Thank you for your prayers and support for the Vanden Bosches, their teams, and this project.

Learn more about how you and your church can help meet these tangible needs for our brothers and sisters in Mozambique:

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