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From Pain to Praise

“God is in heaven and you are His angels,” a patient told ASM’s Mozambique Compassionate Care Team.  As hospitals in the region prepared for the spread of COVID-19 earlier this year, unfortunately, some basic health care needs were not met.  Fernando, a young teacher, had called the Compassionate Care Team in desperation to see if they could help care for a complicated wound on his left leg.  This wound caused Fernando great pain and left him immobile.  He even feared his leg would need to be amputated. 

Because of your generosity to the 2019 Mozambique Container Project, our Compassionate Care Team has been able to regularly clean and dress Fernando’s wound.  Wound care supplies, blankets, hats, and other humanitarian supplies have allowed us to bless many of our patients.  Over the last few months, we are now grateful and privileged to see God bringing great physical healing to Fernando.  On the second visit, our team had brought Fernando an audio Bible.  With great appreciation, Fernando thanked the team, through tears, for all they have blessed him with—including a blanket to fight the chilly winter months.  With deep gratitude Fernando said, “I don’t know how to thank God enough for all you are doing for me.”

In places like Mozambique, many people are weighed down by basic needs.  Addressing those needs will often open doors for us to share the Word of God.  We believe this holistic approach demonstrates a very real, deep love of Jesus for all those who are suffering. 

Please pray for continued healing for Fernando and that holistic care will be multiplied around the world, bringing spiritual and physical comfort to those who are suffering. Pray for healthcare workers as many wrestle with the ramifications of the pandemic in addition to existing patient needs.

Do you serve in compassion or medical ministry? Learn more about how using audio Bibles can expand the impact of your ministry, by clicking the green button below.  Or, send your gift today to bring help and hope to others like Fernando.

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